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Why Contact Living Water Audio & Lighting?

At Living Water Audio and Lighting, our goal is to provide the Tulsa community with the highest quality Tulsa outdoor audio and Tulsa outdoor lighting features to the backyard of families just like you. So, you may be wondering exactly what benefits outdoor audio enhancements and outdoor lighting upgrades provide for your home and backyard. When you realize it’s time to enhance your backyard and create an experience, why should you contact Living Water of all companies?

Living Water Audio and Lighting is the company with the absolute biggest commitment to excellence in all of Tulsa. Our goal is to serve. We have a commitment to serving our community through enhancing the outdoor experience altogether. For more information on the Living Water name and customer experience, Google Living Water Irrigation or Living Water Lawns in Tulsa to see what other services we have available that we have already been providing our local community with.


How Can You Contact Living Water Audio & Lighting?

Easy! You can call us today for a free consultation. Simply dial the number in the top right corner of the website, or dial 918-237-6181 manually to speak with one of our lawn care experts. You can also fill out the form on the Contact Us button and one of our friendly audio and lighting lawn care experts will be reaching out to you shortly. While waiting on one of our technicians to give you a call, we strongly recommend that you do some research. Check out our testimonials and see what real Living Water customers are saying about the Living Water Outdoor Audio and Outdoor Lighting Experts did for them.

The answer is simple. Call or fill out the form today. You can also check us out on Facebook for the latest news on Living Water Irrigation and more.


Outdoor Audio

The pain of lowering the volume of your music so you don’t have to bother your neighbors, or thinking you have the music turned down and to find out the next day you kept them up when they were in bed never has to be a thing again. With advanced technology, Tulsa outdoor audio can be a fun thing to add to any backyard experience. See what Living Water Audio & Lighting can do to take your normal, backyard routine to the next level with an audio experience you never believed possible.

Looking to get the mood upbeat, have some fun, dance a little, shake things up a bit? We have Tulsa outdoor audio equipment giving you the enhanced, sound quality that creates a fun, bumping environment. But also, when you want to bring the mood down a little, relax a bit, wind down, you also want the option to use you backyard for that as well. We have equipment that will showcase in certain areas at a level appropriate for any occasion.


Outdoor Lighting

Not only is it a safety measure, but it just works. The Tulsa outdoor lighting we place in your backyard doesn’t have to be visible. In fact, we make it low-key, bright and beautiful by strategically placing uplighting in certain areas of your yard to highlight and showcase the beauty, while also taking into account the safety precautions involved in lighting your lawn.


One Name, Three Companies, ENDLESS Opportunities for Families in Their Backyard!

Call today to get the entire Living Water team on your side. Living Water Audio & Lighting also has the help of Living Water Irrigation and Living Water Lawns to create a collaborative effect of outdoor enhancements for your backyard your family will enjoy for years to come. This can include Tulsa outdoor lighting to make the space pop and even audio to make the place jump!

Our goal has always been to serve and we take that very seriously in each company we are involved with. Our sister company, Living Water Irrigation has been providing the highest quality experience in irrigation services to all of Tulsa. We love our customers, we love serving our customers and we love delivering prompt, affordable and incredible customer service and quality repairs to the Tulsa area for any irrigation needs such as sprinkler system installation and sprinkler system repairs, or even drainage solutions.

Another one of our expertise lies in lawn care. With Living Water Lawns, another sister company to Living Water Audio & Lighting, we provide landscaping services such as design, installation, maintenance for mowing, mulching, and weed eating services including edging.

We make your lawns look fantastic from every area you need. If you are in the Tulsa area looking for a complete outdoor experience, call Living Water today to see how we can help you with a free estimate for your lawn today. You will be happy you called us and you will know we truly go above and beyond in everything we do, for every Tulsa outdoor audio or Tulsa outdoor lighting job, every time.

The Living Water Commitment

The commitment is to the customer. We believe that a win-win relationship comes from the customer trusting the company, and the company trusting the customer. The trust is first built on that very first call and that very first interaction. What are you waiting for? Contact Living Water Audio & Lighting today to see exactly what we can do for you in terms of creating the perfect outdoor experience using top of the line Tulsa outdoor audio and Tulsa outdoor lighting for you.


FREE CONSULTATION: Offer Won’t Last Long – Call Now!

Our commitment to the Tulsa Metro area and anyone looking for complete satisfaction in their total outdoor experience is to deliver all of our knowledge to show them what we can do, and let them select the best option. We can certainly offer a free consultation and estimate to show you exactly what you can expect in terms of outdoor audio and outdoor lighting enhancements for your lawn, but the fact is, we will only take on so many Tulsa outdoor audio or Tulsa outdoor lighting projects at one time. In order for us to continue offering free consultation and free outdoor assessments for your back yard, if you don’t call now, you run the risk of our schedules being full and losing your spot. Call now before we aren’t taking on any new projects anytime within the near future.