Our Story

Welcome to Living Water Audio & Lighting. We are the number one choice for Tulsa outdoor audio and Outdoor lighting Tulsa. We are a family-based company built on Christian values. We want to help make your home, specifically, your outdoor space, the best environment it can be. This means making your yard and your landscaping environment so incredible that you will never want to leave it. Going on vacation could be a thing of the past. It is very possible, with our Outdoor lighting Tulsa help, to create a breathtaking environment. Create a very special, unique staycation in your own backyard. Imagine the amount of money you could save on travel if your backyard were a destination? Imagine the guests you could entertain at your home? Everything is possible in your own outdoor domain with the help of Living Water Audio and Lighting, the best selection for Tulsa outdoor audio and Tulsa outdoor lighting.

We started our company in 2017 by providing world class irrigation and sprinkler repair to the Tulsa metro and have expanded to include Tulsa outdoor audio and Tulsa outdoor lighting. We are customer obsessed here at Living Water Audio & Lighting. This means that we base our business and our business decisions around the customer, every time. We will do everything in our power and control to satisfy all customers no matter how big or small the request or fix is. We strive to do what is right. Sometimes, this means that we lose money just to ensure the satisfaction of the customer. We like to love on people and improve their lives with what we provide. We exceed expectations of customers as our Google reviews attest to this. One of our core values as a Tulsa outdoor audio company and Outdoor lighting Tulsa is to wow every customer, every time. You will see this come to fruition when you hire our company to perform work in your back yard or front yard.

Did you know that during the COVID19 outbreak we continued working very hard for our customers? We outwork our competition and outperform them on every level. Our company work ethic shows in the simplest tasks as well as the big, enormous jobs we do for customers. Obviously, we continued working in a very safe manner and used contactless customer service during COVID19.  But, we did things like call customers before appointments to offer to bring them toilet paper, water, Starbucks or whatever would brighten their day. We did not charge them for these extras. We know that people were sheltering at home and needed home repairs but could not get out and it was hard and very challenging to get what was needed for day to day living. We love brightening days especially when all people were hit hard during the sheltering in place. This is just a little example of how our company and our employees strive to go above and beyond.

In 2017 we started our company from very humble beginnings. In September of 2017 we began with our founder, Mr. Wilson. He had a van, a shovel, and some sprinkler parts. Josh Wilson called everyone he knew that had sprinkler system. He then found new customers and was able to make relationships with those customers, obsessing over their satisfaction. By doing this, we grew! We grew doubly from 2017 to 2018. We doubled again from 2018 to 2019. And eventually we will double our Tulsa outdoor audio and Tulsa outdoor lighting. The goal of all Living Water entities is to grow. However, we will not grow, as a commitment to our company values if our customer satisfaction decreases. Living Water Audio and Lighting will never lose sight of being customer focused and customer obsessed. From 2017 a lot of sweat equity has been exchanged for financial gain. But, going back to our mention of Christian values, we will serve those around us and make sure that we take care of those in need. We meet the needs of people. We enjoy serving the communities in which we work. We make it a regular habit to help those in needs with our giving. By giving your business to Living Water Audio and Lighting we will in turn be able to serve more and give more.

One of our core Outdoor lighting Tulsa values, as mentioned earlier, is wow every customer every time. But, we have four more company core values that make our company what it is. These core values tell more about us. The second core value is attention to detail. Our founder is former military and has a keen eye for details. By checking over every fine detail, we don’t miss major mistakes. The third core value is timeliness. Contractors tend to be described as “never on time”. It’s unfortunate how disorganized contractors can be. It’s also unfortunate how untimely contractors are, as a whole. Our service techs and our scheduling is on time, all the time. If someone is having a large project done at their home, we provide weekly calls to those waiting on the projects. They know how long they will be waiting as well as how fast we move down our list of people waiting on new outdoor spaces. When you have your first interaction with our Tulsa outdoor lighting and Tulsa outdoor audio salesperson or employee you will learn our fourth company core value. That fourth value is enthusiasm! Yes, we are enthusiastic. We love to be at work as well as all of our employees. We love our Outdoor lighting Tulsa customers and love to meet everyone and learn what they would like to have done in their backyards or in their landscaping. Our fifth and final company core value is reliability. When we earn or gain a customer, we have them for life. We are reliable. We do what we say we are going to do. People appreciate that and want to make sure they keep using reliable, trustworthy companies and the people that work for them. These core values are what make Living Water Audio and Lighting the best choice for Tulsa outdoor audio and Outdoor lighting Tulsa.